Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner


MEDIT’s latest product, the i500 intraoral scanner, exemplifies three qualities:
Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

With its impressive speed and powderless system, the i500 allows for a smoother scanning experience, shortening turnaround times and increasing the productivity of your clinic. Regardless of your specialization, the i500 has diverse applications, ensuring that your professional needs are met. Increase your work efficiency with the vast flexibility that the open CAD/CAM system offers and never worry about compatibility issues again.

Perfect software and hardware combination:
Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

The i500 scanner and its accompanying software is pleasant to use and easy to understand, making it accessible to all users, and simple to incorporate into your practice or lab.

One Software to connect them all

Medit’s new workflow management and communication software, Medit Link, was developed to enhance your performance. Its integrated Cloud Storage and open data architecture ensures that your clinic’s performance is optimized, while supporting your everyday CAD processes with its real-time workflow management and communication tools. In addition, Medit Link enables you to stay focused on your important tasks by giving you an overview of your current digital processes and associated costs.



*3D Viewer





Tip18 x 15.2 mm (WxH)
Overall handpiece length 266 mm
Imaging technology 3D-in-motion video technology
Color3D full color streaming capture
USB 3.0
Scanning FOV
14 x 13 mm